Marketing & Advertisement Pricing Structure

Consider advertising on our website and “Keeping it Real with Dr. Linda Chinn” video podcasts.

Your business gains exposure to a wide range of local and nation-wide residents and other business owners actively seeking businesses like yours.

Targeted Marketing:

Our advertising options allow you to reach specific demographics in local counties such as: Douglas, Cobb, Fulton and more. This ensures that your message reaches the right people!

Increased Brand Awareness:

By advertising your business on our website & podcasts, you establish brand recognition with potential customers.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

Because we understand the budget constraints of small businesses, we intentionally endeavor the most cost-effective solution for YOUR business.

Multi-Channel Exposure:

In addition to our LCM website, the “Keeping it Real with Dr. Linda Chinn” video podcasts offer opportunities to advertise across various digital channels, including social media and podcast sponsorships. This method amplifies your message and extends your reach.

Don’t let your business go unnoticed!
Seize this opportunity to boost your visibility, attract new customers, And propel your growth.

Currently “Keeping it Real with Dr. Linda Chinn” video podcasts can be seen and heard on the following platforms:

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